Virginia Woolf Book Club with Arya

Book CoverJuly 8th
McNally Jackson Downtown Brooklyn
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“Literature is open to everybody” wrote Virginia Woolf, one of the 20th century’s most lauded writers. Within her lifetime, Woolf penned nine novels, dozens of stories, and countless essays that blend the aesthetic pleasures of life with the sociological and psychological phenomena of the human experience. Existential dread never sounded so beautiful than in Woolf’s words. Join us on our voyage through Woolf’s oeuvre, in chronological order, as we examine the stylistic and philosophical elements of her fiction and essays.

This month we'll discuss one of Woolf's immaculately-observed social comedy that explores the boundaries between personal freedom and the demands of love, Night and Day

Katharine Hilbery is beautiful and privileged, but uncertain of her future. She must choose between becoming engaged to the oddly prosaic poet William Rodney, and her dangerous attraction to the passionate Ralph Denham. As she struggles to decide, the lives of two other women—women's rights activist Mary Datchet and Katharine's mother, Margaret, struggling to weave together the documents, events and memories of her own father's life into a biography—impinge on hers with unexpected and intriguing consequences. Virginia Woolf's delicate second novel is both a love story and a social comedy, yet it also subtly undermines these traditions, questioning a woman's role and the very nature of experience. This edition of Night and Day includes a detailed introduction by Julia Briggs, which considers the key themes of the novel and its place in the tradition of social comedy, a map of central London of the period and notes.



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