Virginia Woolf Book Club with Arya

June 10th
McNally Jackson Downtown Brooklyn

“Literature is open to everybody” wrote Virginia Woolf, one of the 20th century’s most lauded writers. Within her lifetime, Woolf penned nine novels, dozens of stories, and countless essays that blend the aesthetic pleasures of life with the sociological and psychological phenomena of the human experience. Existential dread never sounded so beautiful than in Woolf’s words. Join us on our voyage through Woolf’s oeuvre, in chronological order, as we examine the stylistic and philosophical elements of her fiction and essays.

This month we'll discuss one of Woolf's wittiest, socially satirical novels, The Voyage Out

“Absolutely unafraid . . . Here at last is a book which attains unity as surely as Wuthering Heights, though by a different path.”—E. M. Forster

In Woolf's debut, Rachel Vinrace embarks for South America on her father's ship, and is launched on a course of self-discovery in a modern version of the mythic voyage. Lorna Sage's Introduction and Explanatory Notes offer guidance to the reader new to Woolf, and illuminate Woolf's presence, not identifiable in the heroine, but in the social satire, lyricism and patterning of consciousness in one woman's rite of passage.



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