NEWS FROM UNDERGROUND: Mark Crispin Miller, a professor at NYU and author of many books on politics and cultural history, hosts News from Underground, a monthly series. In these tense times, there are many topics of extreme importance that the corporate media tends to ignore or misreport; the panel discussions of News from Underground are here to deal honestly with these forbidden issues.

 REAL CHARACTERS: Real Characters is a monthly storytelling and performance show that combines some of New York’s best storytellers with its funniest, most innovative comedians and writers. So, some of it’s true, some of it feels more than true, and most of it is mostly funny.

ASK ME ABOUT: Know that classic novel you absolutely should have read by this point in your life? It's time to alleviate your nagging guilt with Ask Me About..., a Time Out New York and McNally Jackson event that's part book club, part lecture series, part show and part social occasion.

CONVERSATIONS ON PRACTICE: Hosted by Glenn Kurtz, Conversations on Practice is an ongoing series devoted to the the daily work of artmaking: how artists, musicians, and authors hone their craft and understand their work.