Seminar: Francesco Pacifico teaches Family Lexicon by Natalia Ginzburg

Four meetings, Saturdays at 11AM EST via Zoom,
November 5th, 12th, 19th, and Dec 3rd

Family Lexicon is an inspiring portrait of family and community. Everything is connected in this account of the author’s (née Levi) life during the fascist era and WWII: the finest details—and idiosyncrasies—of life in an Italian nuclear family are offset by the scope of a whole community’s cultural and political engagement.

Written in the early Sixties, while Italy was enjoying its “miracolo economico” and its cultural renaissance, it shows the passion, the struggle, and the tragedies that nonconformist people had to endure during the fascist era. Our seminar will delve into the titular lexicon, investigating what instruments this great prose stylist uses to capture life and politics. Family Lexicon begs the question—to what extent are great novels translatable? Why do we still enjoy them even when their lexicon gets lost in translation? Such is the power of this book’s fascinating characters, all the relatives and friends and lovers, and the way Ginzburg was able to turn political engagement and historical tragedy into the most intimate collective portrait. 

Please note that the seminar will skip the week of Thanksgiving. 







Francesco Pacifico has written for a number of Italian publications, as well as for Rolling Stone, n+1, and GQ, and has translated the works of Henry Miller, Allen Ginsberg, Dave Eggers, Dana Spiotta, Will Eisner, and more. He is the author of the novels The Story of My Purity, Class, and The Women I Love. He lives in Rome.






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