Megabat Book Club

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“A sweet and hilarious chapter book about a boy and a bat, two unlikely friends who bond over loneliness, jellyrolls, and Darth Vader.” Before our book club begins, I’ll email a syllabus dividing the book into 4 sections we’ll discuss sequentially on Monday through Thursday. We’ll consider the way realistic, recognizable feelings are central to a story featuring imaginary situations (such as a wonderful talking bat). We’ll connect episodes in the book to universal feelings we’ve all experienced, highlighting methods used by the author that help us relate to the primary characters. As for secondary characters, we’ll consider whether knowing more about the motivations of the adults would be helpful to the book or distracting. How do Talia, Birdgirl, and Jamie affect the plot? How do Daniel’s feelings evolve in the book? How do Megabat’s feelings change? On Friday, our final meeting day, I’d like to give kids the chance to read a few prepared sentences about an imaginary situation that could be expanded into a longer story. As part of the syllabus, I’ll provide kids with prompts, for those who might prefer that; for example, if you could meet a talking animal, what would the animal be? If you met a talking animal (or robot or alien), think of 3 questions you would want to ask them. Or, imagine an unusual experience you could have with this new friend; maybe soaring over your city or traveling at warp speed to their planet. You might imagine a sentient robot or brilliant octopus with their own time machine recruiting you for a humanitarian mission to rescue someone in the past. If kids have an illustration to share, that would be fantastic as well. 

Price includes book shipped priority and 5 half hour Zoom discussion sessions.

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