Girls Write Now: New Worlds, 2013 Anthology

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SKU: 9780615818276

After guiding each mentee through so many of the rites of the writer’s life — creation, revision, submission, public presentation — the Girls Write Now Mentoring Program culminates with our annual anthology, in which each student and mentor showcases their best original work. Structured around this year’s overarching curricular theme, New Worlds, the 2013 anthology is composed of stories that celebrate the incredible diversity and creative fearlessness of our intergenerational community — including poetry, fiction, memoir and more that surprise us and stretch our understanding of the world, and ourselves.

The Girls Write Now anthology has been recognized as Outstanding Book of the Year in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, and has earned additional honors from the International Book Awards, the National Indie Exellence Awards, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and the New York Book Festival.