Frog & Toad Are Friends Book Club

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Each morning we will focus on one of the book's five chapters when we meet together on Zoom. Our goal is to engage younger kids in the collaborative format of a book club, a novelty sometimes reserved for older readers. I will prepare prompts and questions to encourage involvement, working toward fairness and participation from each child. Depending on the age and inclination of our participants, we will consider the layers of meaning in the book. How does the adventure of each chapter relate to an underlying message the author hopes to communicate? How do the personalities of Frog and Toad influence the direction of the story? Do you feel as though you understand one or the other of the characters better? How do their adventures relate to situations in your “real world”? What do we know about the differences between frogs and toads? Does the book include words that are new to you? On the syllabus, for our 1st four days, I will assign two kids each day to read a bit of dialogue from the book in their own frog and toad voices before we adjourn for the day. After discussing the fifth and final chapter on our last day, kids will contribute to a writing project tailored to our book club members. 

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