New & Noteworthy Plays - Spring 2019


Okay, so while it's not exactly Spring yet from a seasonal perspective, Spring is rapidly approaching on the theatrical front. And on the stages of NYC, the forecast includes a pretty standard mixed bag of prestige revivals (All My Sons, True West, Burn This), British imports (The Ferryman, Ink, Network), recent works by Off-Broadway stalwarts (Dying CityChoir Boy, By the Way, Meet Vera Stark, Hillary and Clinton), and just a few works peppered in that can truly be called new American plays (of which The Cake is one of the only ones currently published). Still, there are some great works to be seen, and for those who appreciate a well-written dramatic text, many of these plays are published and currently in stock on our shelves.

Additionally, some great plays are soon to be published by presses both large and small, British and American. Some hits of the last few years have either just been released (The Antipodes) or will be released soon (A Doll's House Part 2FairviewThe Gabriels, Until the Flood). But arguably more interesting are the slew of plays that haven't received major New York productions yet (and, perhaps, aren't even interested in having one) - plays like Martin McDonagh's A Very Very Very Dark Matter, Matthew Lopez's The Inheritance, Claudia Rankine's The White Card, as well as an anthology of African plays by Methuen and three plays and an anthology by 53rd State Press. Plus, being the anglophile I am, I'm personally very excited for debbie tucker green: Plays One and Ella Hickson: Plays One - two collections by important UK writers which will be available in the US in April (and which I hope will inspire some additional interest in them on this side of the pond).

But no matter which titles catch your eye, here's hoping this list inspires some worthwhile reading or viewing during your next few months. Enjoy!

-Derek, SoHo Theatre Manager