McNally Editions Book Club with Ama

April 15th
McNally Jackson Downtown Brooklyn
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Are you overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up with the continuous barrage of new book releases? Are you interested in reading beyond the margins of today’s contemporary literary discourse?  Do you want to inject a bit of surprise and intrigue into your reading life? Our club is centered around books that have been largely forgotten, the reissued classics and rare finds that have slipped from the mainstream and are waiting to be discovered by a new set of readers.

This month we'll discuss Margaret Kennedy's sly, kaleidoscopic, and utterly ingenious novel, The Feast.

“Exquisite comedy . . . Tense, touching, human, dire, and funny, The Feast is a feast indeed.”
Elizabeth Bowen

“Here again is a sort of madness, at which [Kennedy] is adept . . . A haunting sort of story.”
— Kirkus

ItSummer, 1947. A bizarre catastrophe rocks a seaside village in Cornwall when a cliff tumbles down on the Pendizack Manor Hotel. The hotel is obliterated, and seven guests are killed in the disaster. Everyone else makes a narrow escape. As the survivors tell their stories, the events of the previous week are revealed, and a parade of sins exposed. Gluttony, Lecherousness, Sloth, Pride, Covetousness, Envy and Wrath: all are in residence at Pendizack Manor, and as the day of the disaster creeps closer, it becomes clear that who’s spared and who’s lost might not be as arbitrary as first assumed.

A modern upstairs-downstairs comedy with an old-fashioned morality play tucked away inside, The Feast is sly, kaleidoscopic, and utterly ingenious, a novel that only Margaret Kennedy could have written.


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