Glen Falls House x McNally Jackson

McNally Jackson is partnering with Glen Falls House, an historic hotel in Round Top, New York, to present a series of writer residencies, workshops, and a specialized book shop.

Glen Falls House is a timeless Catskills hotel for young travelers and old friends alike. The space blends classic charm and quirky design, for the people who enjoy quiet morning hikes as much as late-night concerts in the tavern.

Summers at Glen Falls House are for hiking the trails, swimming under the falls, and roasting s’mores every night. Winters are spent around our wood-burning stoves, enjoying après-ski cheer after a day on the nearby slopes. All the days in between are filled with adventures in the woods, live music in the tavern, locally-sourced-from-scratch cuisine at Trotwood Restaurant, and new friends gathering around the table every night.

Tickets may be purchased at the Glen Falls House website. Not all events are ticketed, but RSVPs are encouraged. Workshop attendees may be eligible to receive discounts on their stay at Glen Falls House. For more information, please contact Glen Falls House at 




February 7-8, 2019: Subversive Valentines 

with Essayist Nina Boutsikaris

author of I'm Trying to Tell You I'm Sorry

"Tell the truth but tell it slant," wrote Emily Dickinson, a phrase that might as well be the personal essayist’s mantra. Truth is at the core of personal essay, but for both the reader and the writer, the truth cannot simply be told head on — what we uncover about the truth and how we express it is what makes creative nonfiction memorable.

In this ninety-minute workshop, we’ll explore one way that creative nonfiction writers “tell it slant,” by appropriating an existing form (i.e. a how-to-article, an index, a shopping list, a thank you note, or in our case a Valentine…) as an outer cover to protect and reveal the sometimes difficult truth within. By taking the voice of an exterior form for an internal, maybe even elusive story, writers can begin to create an artifact out of their experiences, and will likely be surprised at what they discover about their own truth.

We'll read a little and mostly write and sip some refreshments. Shake up your writing practice, get inspired to put a personal story to paper, and craft a “love letter” to someone, or something, that you may or may never send….