Women in Horror: Carrie Laben, Zin E. Rocklyn, Sonya Taaffe, Fiona Maeve Geist, and Farah Rose Smith (WILLIAMSBURG)

Join acclaimed horror writers Carrie Laben, Zin E. Rocklyn, Sonya Taaffe, Fiona Maeve Geist, and Farah Rose Smith for readings and a panel discussion on horror literature, art, and diversity. 

Carrie Laben grew up in western New York and earned her MFA at the University of Montana. She now lives in Queens. Her work has appeared in such venues as Birding, The Dark, Indiana Review, Okey-Panky, and Outlook Springs. In 2017 she won the Shirley Jackson Award in Short Fiction for her story “Postcards from Natalie” and Duke University’s Documentary Essay Prize for the essay “The Wrong Place”. In 2015 she was selected for the Anne LaBastille Memorial Writer’s Residency and in 2018 she was a MacDowell Fellow. Her debut novel, A Hawk in the Woods, will be published by Word Horde in February 2019.

Zin E. Rocklyn's stories are older than her years, much like the name she's chosen to pen them under. Of Trinidadian descent and hailing from Jersey City, NJ, Zin is influenced by the everyday curiosities of the terrifying unknown and the fascinating weird. Her work is currently featured in the anthologies Forever Vacancy, Sycorax's Daughters, and Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters II.  Her non-fiction essay “My Genre Makes a Monster of Me” was published in Uncanny Magazine’s Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018 issue. Her personal website, terizin.com, is currently under construction, so stay tuned for all of her weirdness in HTML form. In the interim, you can follow her on Twitter @intelligentwat."

Sonya Taaffe [http://sonyataaffe.com/] reads dead languages and tells living stories. Her short fiction and poetry have been collected most recently in Forget the Sleepless Shores (Lethe Press) and previously in Singing Innocence and Experience, Postcards from the Province of Hyphens, A Mayse-Bikhl, and Ghost Signs. She lives with her husband and two cats in Somerville, Massachusetts, where she writes about film for Patreon [https://www.patreon.com/sovay] and remains proud of naming a Kuiper belt object.

Fiona Maeve Geist is a former academic with a PhD in Philosophy, Interpretation & Cultire But she presently edits roleplaying games and writes. Her work has appeared in Ashes & Entropy (Nightscape Press), Demon City (RPG), Vastarian, Lamplight Quarterly, CLASH Media, Mothership (RPG), Trans Studies Quarterly and Lovecraftian Proceedings. She resides in WXXT Country where she attempts to surround herself with cats.  

Farah Rose Smith is a writer, musician, and photographer whose work often focuses on the Gothic, Decadent, and Surreal. She authored ANONYMA, THE ALMANAC OF DUST, EVISCERATOR, and numerous short stories in horror and speculative anthologies. She is the founder and editor of MANTID, an anthology series promoting women and diverse writers in Weird Fiction, as well as the Community Outreach Director for Necronomicon Providence. She lives in Queens, NY with her partner.