The White Review Issue 20 US Launch: CA Conrad, Sophie Robinson, and John Keene

The White Review is an arts and literature quarterly magazine, launched in February 2011 to provide ‘a space for a new generation to express itself unconstrained by form, subject or genre’, and publishes fiction, essays, interviews with writers and artists, poetry, and series of artworks. “Packed with varied, unexpected material in all kinds of forms, The White Review brings a message from the future,” says Marina Warner. “It rises to meet readers’ and writers’ continuing needs to experience art and literature in a sensuous, delectable form; and it gives me the feeling that I have my finger on the pulse.” Join us for the United States launch of its twentieth issue, including fiction by Nicole Flattery, Kristen Gleason, and Claire-Louise Bennett; essays by Felix Bazalgette, J. S. Tennant, and Tom McCarthy; interviews with Anne Carson, Mounira Al Sohl,  and Jean-Luc Nancy; poetry by Nisha Ramayya and Heather Phillipson; and art from Nicolas Party, John Divola, and Uwe Henneken. 

The US launch of Issue 20 features readers CA Conrad, Sophie Robinson, and John Keene.