WHAT COMES NEXT AND HOW TO LIKE IT: Abigail Thomas in Conversation with Elissa Schappell

Join Abigail Thomas to celebrate her outstanding memoir What Comes Next and How To Like It, which casts a startlingly fresh light on life's familiar narratives: the difficult realities of lifelong friendship, aging, motherhood, and loss. Thomas' latest book is a sharply written, immersive, and urgent examination of the uncompromising passage of time and the relationship between between past and present, writing and experience, which Stephen King describes as "beautifully felt, deeply moving," and  "the best work yet by a woman who has already done some of the best work in the field…Abigail Thomas is the Emily Dickinson of memoirists."With Elissa Schappell, author of Blueprints for Building Better Girls and Use Me, and a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair.