Triple Canopy: Printing the Internet

How do you print an Internet magazine? That is the question asked by Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, the first book to be published by Triple Canopy, the online magazine and editorial collective based in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin. Triple Canopy’s Alexander Provan and Peter J. Russo will read selections from Invalid Format and discuss its genesis and form with the book’s designer, Prem Krishnamurthy of Project Projects. Krishnamurthy will, in turn, discuss how Project Projects makes productive use of the tension between new and old print technologies and design conventions in its work, which ranges from exhibitions to pamphlets, websites to catalogues. Invalid Format is at once an archive of Triple Canopy’s widespread publishing activities and a translation into print of projects that originally appeared in other forms. The inaugural volume includes artist projects and literary work published in the first year of Triple Canopy’s existence, documentation of public programs, and a sampling of foundational correspondence. In form and content, the book explores how works produced for the screen might fully inhabit the page, and what the book might learn from the content-management system. Contributors include Lene Berg, Joseph Clarke, Rivka Galchen, Adam Helms, Sheila Heti, Dan Hoy, the International Necronautical Society, Craig Kalpakjian, Jon Kessler, Wayne Koestenbaum, Rachel Mason, Amir Mogharabi, Rachel Owens, Ed Park & Rachel Aviv, the Poetic Research Bureau, John Powers, Emily Richardson & Iain Sinclair, Michael Robinson, and Diane Williams.