Timothy Goodman Presents I Always Think It's Forever, in conversation with Liz Plank

January 31st

McNally Jackson Seaport

A sweeping, unique graphic memoir about an artist’s year abroad in Paris and how it gave way to an all-encompassing love affair and crushing heartbreak as he wrestled with trauma, masculinity, and the real possibility of hope.


Renowned graphic artist Timothy Goodman planned to do what every young artist dreams of and spend a year abroad in Paris. While there, he fell in love in a way he never had before. For the first time in his life, he let himself be loved and finally, truly loved someone else. But the deeper the love, the more crushing the heartbreak when the relationship eventually fell apart, forcing him to look inwards. He confronted traumas of his past as well as his own toxic masculinity, and he learned to finally show up for himself.

I Always Think It’s Forever is a one-of-a-kind graphic memoir that chronicles it all—the ups, the downs, love lost, and love found—all in the bold illustration style Goodman is best known for, with poetic prose and handwritten wording to accompany the artwork with a touch of humor added as well. It’s a glimpse inside the heart and mind of a man, first focusing on the time Goodman spent in Paris, including diary entries relating his experiences learning about French food, culture, and language. This touching memoir also explores the painful break-up just six months later in Rome. Goodman artfully describes his attempts at learning to love himself in the end, his scars, cuts, warts, and all in a way no book ever has before.

“Following Timothy Goodman on Instagram is, no joke, why I started to believe boys had feelings, too. And his book is the most beautiful extension of his golden searching heart and his meticulous craft. If you’re a hopeless romantic, a wild over-sharer, or just searching for truth in this wild world, this is the book for you.” —Lena Dunham

“Timothy Goodman has opened his heart to the reader in this magnificent book, and in doing so, shows us what it means—and how it feels—to fully live, love, and emote.” —Debbie Millman, artist, author, and host of the podcast Design Matters


We recommend that guests wear masks on the night. 

Timothy Goodman is an award-winning artist, graphic designer, author, and public speaker. His art and words have populated walls, buildings, packaging, shoes, clothing, books, magazine covers, and galleries all over the world for brands such as Apple, Nike, Google, MoMA, Netflix, Tiffany & Co., Samsung, Yves Saint Laurent, Sundance, Uniqlo, Target, the New Yorker, and the New York Times. He regularly partners with not-for-profit organizations and schools to create art for communities in New York. He’s the author of Sharpie Art Workshop and the cocreator of several projects including the viral blog and book 40 Days of Dating. His first solo gallery exhibition, "I’m Too Young to Not Set My Life on Fire", was on view in Manhattan in 2021. Timothy’s work often discusses mental health, therapy, manhood, race, politics, heartbreak, and love. He teaches at School of Visual Arts, regularly speaks around the world at creative conferences, and enjoys sharing his life on Instagram. He lives in New York City.




Liz Plank is a filmmaker, award-winning journalist, author, and was the executive producer and host of several critically acclaimed digital series at Vox Media and NBC News. Liz is the co-host of Race to 35 on Dax Sheppard’s Armchair Umbrella. She’s also the co-host of the Man Enough podcast alongside Justin Baldoni and Jamey Heath where they interview influential figures about their journey to manhood. She is also directing her first film, Not So Special, on the future of disability rights. She is the author of the critically acclaimed international bestselling book, For The Love of Men: a Vision for Mindful Masculinity. She also sits on the board of Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative to help girls access their inner power. Before becoming a journalist, Liz worked at a community center for people with disabilities and a researcher and behavioral science consultant at the London School of Economics, from which she holds a master's degree in policy with an emphasis on global gender politics.




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