The Teleportation Accident: An evening with Ned Beauman

"Compare the Venice of the late renaissance … to the Berlin of Weimar … to whatever city would turn out to be most fashionable in 2012, and you would find the same empty people going to the same empty parties and making the same empty comments about the same empty efforts, with just a few spasms of worthwhile art going on at the naked extremities. Nothing ever changed. That was equivalence." Past, present and future mingle in Ned Beauman's terrific, Booker-nominated, genre-bending second novel, The Teleportation Accident -- about how the best way of handling history might be to ignore it."The oversized, exuberant, and farcical plot of The Teleportation Accident is more entertaining than any summary can convey... [Beauman] has the knack for populating his tale with absurd secondary characters, spinning seemingly minor details into long-running jokes, and for placing his protagonist into precarious, comically rich scrapes. The result is rewarding; there are no such thing as pointless digressions in The Teleportation Accident, just the rollicking tale of a hapless Loeser following his heart." - Daily Beast 

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ISBN: 9781620400227
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Published: Bloomsbury USA - February 26th, 2013