SPAIN arts & culture is pleased to present Spanish graphic novelists, Santiago GarcíaJavier OlivaresDavid RubínAna Galvañ, and José Domingo, some of the many gifted artists featured in Spanish Fever: Stories by the New Spanish         Cartoonists (Fantagraphics, 2016). Based on 2013’s Panorama: La novela gráfica española hoy, this anthology showcases the talents of a contemporary wave of Spanish comic authors, from winners of Premio Nacional del Cómic to rising stars and experimental artists, and calls attention to the high quality of graphic novels emerging from a country with one of the strongest cartoon traditions in Europe. The tour will stop at SPX 2016 in Bethesda, MD, in addition to venues in Washington, DC, Baltimore and New York.

Organized by SPAIN arts & culture with the support of SPX, Fantagraphics, Astiberri, Maryland Institute College of Art, Consulate of Spain in New York, Columbia University, McNally Jackson and Spain’s Secretary of State for Culture.

Fantagraphics Books is proud to introduce American readers to the latest generation of Spanish cartoonists in Spanish Fever, an anthology of contemporary comics from Spain showcasing the best of the new wave of art comics hailing from a country with one of the strongest cartoon traditions in Europe. Spanish comics creators have been known internationally since the days of stars like José González and Esteban Maroto through the new rising talents of David Aja and Juanjo Guarnido. Still, too few American comics aficionados know that right now Spain enjoys a thriving scene of art comics, mini comics, and graphic novels populated by artists like Joan Cornellà (Mox Nox) or Max (Vapor) which, in addition to being published for American readers by Fantagraphics, are finding audiences throughout the world. With its panoramic view of the contemporary Spanish comics scene, Spanish Fever is a cartoon parade which includes the work of masters of the form such as Paco Roca, Miguel Gallardo, David Rubín and Miguel Ángel Martín as well as newcomers like José Domingo, Anna Galvañ, Álvaro Ortiz and Sergi Puyol — more than 30 artists working on the cutting edge of the comics form.


Santiago García


Santiago García was born in Madrid in 1968. He has written comics and about comics for more than twenty years. He was a founding member of U and Volumen, magazines specializing in comic reviews and news, for which he served as editor. He has written about comics for the cultural supplement of ABC and is the author of La novela gráfica (2010), which has been translated into Portuguese in Brazil, and into English for the University Press of Mississippi as On the Graphic Novel (2015). In 2011 he received the outreach prize at the Salón del Cómic de Barcelona. As a cartoonist, he has collaborated with artists like Pepo Pérez on El Vecino [The Neighbor] (2004–2009) and Javier Peinado on La tempestad [The Tempest] (2008). More recently he published the graphic novels Beowulf (2013) with David Rubín, Fútbol [Soccer] (2014) with Pablo Ríos, and Las meninas [The Maids of Honor] (2014) with Javier Olivares, which will be published by Fantagraphics in 2017. It won the National Prize in 2015. His newest graphic novels are Yuna, with Juaco Vizuete, and ¡García! (two volumes) with Luis Bustos. He edited the essay anthologies Supercómic: Mutaciones de la novela gráfica contemporánea [Supercomic: Mutations of the Contemporary Graphic Novel] (2013), and Cómics sensacionales [Sensational Comics].

David Rubín

David Rubín was born in Orense in 1977. He is a comics and animation illustrator, who codirected the full-length animated film El espíritu del bosque [The Spirit of the Forest] (2008). He’s a founding member of the Polaqia Collective and has contributed to many journals and fanzines. His first graphic novel is El circo de desaliento [The Circus of Discouragement] (2005), after which followed La tetería del oso malayo [The Tea Room of the Sun Bear] (2006) and Cuaderno de tormentas [Notebook of Storms] (2008). He subsequently published the ambitious El Héroe [The Hero] (2011–2012), a graphic novel in two parts that retells the myth of Hercules from the perspective of superheroes, which was translated into English in 2015 and published by Dark Horse. Following that he adapted Beowulf with a script by

Santiago García, also forthcoming in the United States. Currently, he’s working with scriptwriter Marcos Prior on the graphic novel Gran Hotel Abismo [Great Chasm Hotel], slated to be published at the end of 2015. His works have been published in Italy and France, but in the last few years he’s begun working directly in the United States, where he’s completed two volumes of The Rise of Aurora West with scripts by Paul Pope and J. T. Petty, and The Fiction (2015) written by Curt Pires.

Javier Olivares

Javier Olivares was born in Madrid in 1964. An illustrator and cartoonist, he started the journal Madriz in the ’80s, and since then has contributed work to numerous magazines like El País Semanal and newspapers like El Mundo, as well as illustrating books both for children and adults. Among his best known comic books are Cuentos de la estrella legumbre [Stories from the Legume Star] (2005), La caja negra [The Black Box] (2001), Las crónicas de Ono y Hop [The Chronicles of Ono and Hop] (2007) and El extraño caso del doctor Jekyll y mister Hyde [The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde] (2009), this last one with a script by Santiago García, as well as his most recent graphic novel Las meninas (2014), which has been translated into French and also won the National Comic Award. The comic Finland, which is included in Spanish Fever. Stories by the New Spanish Cartoonists was adapted from an original story by Argentine author Hernán Casciari.

Ana Galvañ was born in Murcia in 1975. After her time in the faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia, Ana Galvañ moved to Madrid, where she specialized in creative and art direction. Later she left advertising to pursue comics and illustration full time. Her work has appeared in publications such as Mortland, Nobrow, Off Life, Clift, Ferocious Quarterly, Autsaider comics, Skunk Art Mag, and Tik Tok. She was also a participant in Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK no. 4: Black. Recently, she published the comic book Trabajo de clase [Classwork] (2014). Additionally, she runs the website, on which she has published various short comics.

José Domingo was born in Zaragoza in 1982. An illustrator, cartoonist, and animator, Domingo is part of the Polaqia Collective. His first longcomic was Cuimhne: El fuego distante [Cuimhne: The Distant Fire](2008), with a script by Kike Benlloch. With Aventuras de un oficinista japonés [Adventures of a Japanese Businessman] (2011) he won theSalón del Cómic de Barcelona prize. This work has been published inthe UK and the US. His latest works are Conspiraciones (2013), and Pablo and Jane and the Hot Air Contraption (2015).





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