ROCÍO CERÓN: DIORAMA. Un libro de Díaz Grey Editores y Gaspar Orozco


Gaspar Orozco - Plegarias a la Reina Mosca

Rocío Ceron´s most recent book will be launch on this event, she will also talk with novelist José Manuel Prieto about the process of writing it and the multidisciplinary pieces created from the poems.

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A diorama is a fragment, a woven texture, a vision that condenses, cuts, segments, and halts. This book emerges from a collector's path. It is a traveling poem, an interchangeable poem, where powers are interconnected; its verses do not die but are transformed. Diorama is also sound, loop and jumble, convergence of syllables. Diorama is breath. Air unfolding over a scenic landscape; a linguistic taxidermy. Poetics inscribed on the border of recounting and delirium. Collecting and phrasing driven by desire. Questioning in its purest form.




The professor, poet, novelist and literary critic Julio Ortega, has said, “Diorama places the reader in a camera obscura where his gaze is refracted; reader, sight and camera turned into a language miracle (which implies seeing beyond).  This book expects everything from the reader. It convenes us to recover the word within the poem’s action.  It tells us that poetry is the place made of words for the reader, words evicted here from their rigour and radicalism against a profuse and redundant world. Such a projected book and reader make of poetry an instrument to forge a new re-habilitated syntax. “The offering: mother tongue is one’s own land”, is set in an emotional and brilliant materiality, that the poem reorganizes with the clarity of a new beginning, one where the smooth enumeration recuperates the primary force of naming. Pain and celebration of language, this sparkling book deploys a horizon of freedom to be made: a real faith in that margin of humanity.”

Rocío Cerón: Diorama is made possible by support from the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.


Gaspar Orozco - Plegarias a la Reina Mosca 
Meditación sobre el tiempo y el vacío, oficios de fulgor y de silencio, oraciones dirigidas 
a la nada, Plegarias a la Reina Mosca es una colección  de poemas que giran alrededor de
la mímima belleza de la mosca.  Belleza terrible e inabarcable que lo mismo se posa en
la cúspide de la luz que desciende a los abismos más oscuros del alma.  
Estas plegarias son una nítida liturgia sobre el misterio sagrado e inextinguible
de la mosca.
A book that presents an accessible Conceptualism without diluting its clarity of concept, Plegarias a la Reina Mosca is the most exciting book of Mexican poetry that I’ve read this year - David Shook

Un poemario de escalofriante belleza- Ramón Dachs