Radix Futures Box Set Launch: germ lynn, Vera Kurian, John Dermot Woods, & Hal Y. Zhang (PRINCE STREET)

Join us and Radix Media to launch the Futures: A Science Fiction Series box set. The box contains all seven chapbooks from the series, previously available as individual titles or as a monthly subscription. Futures explores critical contemporary issues in an imagined future. You’ll find stories about an embattled wind engineer struggling against personal and climatic disaster, a society on the brink of collapse, polar bear mutiny, and, of course, robots. Join us and our authors for an evening of speculative literature. There will be a meet and greet with the authors, and box sets available for purchase.

Hal Y. Zhang is a former physicist who writes science, science fiction, and fiction, in no particular order. Her prose and poetry have appeared in publications such as UNCANNY, STRANGE HORIZONS, and FIRESIDE. She'll be reading from her story, HARD MOTHER, SPIDER MOTHER, SOFT MOTHER, which follows a woman who loses her mother and discovers how little she can know someone in a watchful, personalized world.

Vera Kurian is a writer, psychologist, and longtime resident of Washington, D.C. She writes literary and speculative fiction and is currently working on a thriller. Vera’s fiction has been published in magazines such as GLIMMER TRAIN, DAY ONE, and THE PINCH. Her story, GUAVA SUMMER, follows a private detective whose former client—a corrupt mobster turned politician—emerges as the leading presidential candidate. But with the summer heat comes the unexpected.

germ lynn is a cellist and writer from Tampa, Florida whose work has been featured in SLATE, BROADLY, PLAYBOY, and more. Their story, WHAT YOU CALL, explores the limits of consciousness, identity, and artificial intelligence as the narrator, a caregiving robot, searches for the human they have been programmed to care for.

John Dermot Woods is a Brooklyn-based writer and cartoonist. His previous works include THE BALTIMORE ATROCITIES (Coffee House Press) and ACTIVITIES (Publishing Genius Press). John’s work is known for its poetic verse and deep explorations of character. ALWAYS BLUE follows the personal struggles of Schulz, an instructor of Wind Tuning at the City Academy, and the man who engineered the greatest work of his field: a Windwall that protects his island city from the increasingly volatile climate of the world around it. When he detects a draft crossing his campus and clouds appearing in the permanently clear sky, he suspects that his invention may be failing.


Event date: 

Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 7:00pm

Event address: 

52 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012