Puzzle Evening with Will Shortz and Yoshi (WILLIAMSBURG)

Join us for a puzzle workshop with Will Shortz, the crossword editor of The New York Times, and Yoshi, puzzle maker and vice president at Nikoli. Nikoli is a publisher based in Tokyo, Japan.  It was founded in 1980 and published the first puzzle magazine in Japan. Since then, Nikoli has created more than 300 types of logic puzzles. Many of Nikoli‚Äôs puzzles are handcrafted which makes the company the only kind like it in the world.  Nikoli publishes more than 150 puzzle magazines and books in addition to providing puzzle supplies to more than 100 newspapers and magazines. The world craze Sudoku is named by Nikoli's founder, Maki Kaji.

Will Shortz is the crossword editor of The New York Times and puzzlemaster for NPR's "Weekend Edition Sunday." He is the founder/director of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. In his spare time Will is a devotee of table tennis, which he has played every single day for more than six years.

Yoshi is a seasoned puzzle maker and vice president at Nikoli. Yoshi has published more than 100 Sudoku books, for beginners and advanced solvers, as an editor-in-chief at Nikoli. Born in Hiroshima and raised in Osaka, Japan, Yoshi studied mathematics at Kyoto University and joined Nikoli in 1990.