Polyamorous Love Song: Jacob Wren in Conversation with McKenzie Wark

"Everything Jacob Wren touches interests me, excites me,” says Lynne Tillman. His most recent novel, POLYAMOROUS LOVE SONG, touches on art, politics, violence, sexuality, and love; also, furry mascots, friendly competition, physical loneliness, Führer bestiality, and an everyday life art movement called “New Filmmaking.” The book’s cast of characters make and think in art; Wren writes their work into his work. The resulting narrative is poly—polyvocal, polysemic, polymorphously perverse, and, indeed, polyamorous. Jacob Wren will be joined in conversation with writer and scholar McKenzie Wark, author of THE HACKER MANIFESTO, GAMER THEORY, and THE SPECTACLE OF DISINTEGRATION: SITUATIONIST PASSAGES OUT OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. Jacob Wren is an interdisciplinary writer and performer. His books include Unrehearsed Beauty (1998), Families Are Formed Through Copulation (2007), and Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (2010). He has traveled around the world with his performance art. He also frequently writes about contemporary art. 

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Published: Book*hug Press - April 15th, 2014