Onomatopee: Freek Lomme and Pernilla Ellens


On September 20th, founder Freek Lomme and Pernilla Ellens will speak on behalf of the public gallery and publisher Onomatopee, based in Dutch Design capital Eindhoven. Utilizing their location to mount globally relevant programs of various sizes and interests, Onomatopee produces self-initiated projects and host events to progressive individuals as well as artist-run and institutional organizations. 


Over the course of its 10-year existence, the exhibition space has attracted an annual average of 15,000 visitors. Throughout the year, Onomatopee participates in many international art book fairs and regularly organizes shows abroad. Inspired by a DIY-attitude and a hunger for critical elevation, Onomatopee discusses and mediates a habitual visual sanctuary of pop culture, power and other environments of visual consciousness’ alike. Working as a transdisciplinary space, blending art, design, theory and creative writing together to inspire in-depth experiences and to provide food for thought. 



During the event, Freek Lomme will discuss the founding of Onomatopee and how it has developed into what it is today. Pernilla Ellens will present her recent projects, ‘Post-Butt’ by Melanie de Luca, analysing the image of female butts and their influence in media, society and art. Secondly ’Sense and Sensibility’, a platform for various artists and writers, to explore contradictions and oppositions by reflecting on gender issues, contemporary girlhood and object-subject relations. 


We return to Freek Lomme to discuss the process of editing and publishing books focusing on the issue of tactility. Inspired by the workings of Onomatopee’s ‘Can you feel it?’ a project dealing with tactility and printmaking that took off when Freek started to wonder what tactility truly meant.