New York launch for n+1's CITY BY CITY

Drawn from an n+1 series of the same name, City by City offers an insider’s glance into the state of America’s urban spaces. It sweeps from Gold Rush, Alaska, to Miami, Florida, encompassing cities large and small, growing and failing. These essays look closely at the forces—gentrification, underemployment, politics, culture, and crime—that shape urban life. They also tell the stories of citizens whose fortunes have risen or fallen with those of the cities they call home. A cross between Hunter S. Thompson, Studs Terkel, and the Great Depression-era WPA guides to each state in the Union, City by City carries this project of American storytelling up to the days of our own Great Recession.With contributors:

  • Nikil Saval
  • Moira Donegan
  • Sam Biederman
  • Gary Percesepe
  • Shawn Wen
  • Michael Merriam
  • Annie Julia Wyman
  • Dayna Tortorici
  • Ian MacDougall