Mysterious Migrations (PRINCE STREET)

We’ve always been fascinated by animal clans gathering together and setting out on mysterious migrations. Some fly thousands of miles for warmer climates, others escape the scarce resources of frozen tundra for welcoming lowlands replete with edible vegetation; a shiver of sharks travels to new breeding grounds; a leap of lemmings undertakes a mass migration searching for renewed food sources. This Saturday, we’re reading about fascinating and hilarious animal clans, then kids can create animals linked together in unique ways: a parade of elephants, a parliament of owls, an exaltation of larks, a flutter of butterflies, a shrewdness of apes, or a zeal of zebras. Hosted by Yvonne Brooks. All ages welcome. Free. 

Event date: 

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 11:30am

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