Launching Maggie Lehrman's The Last Best Story (PRINCE STREET)

This event will be held at our Manhattan location (52 Prince St). If you are unable to attend and would like to order a copy of The Last Best Story signed and personalized by the author, click here to do so.  

Rose Regnero was a star reporter for her high school paper, destined for a career in journalism, when she abruptly quit two months ago, leaving behind her very-nearly-sort-of-boyfriend and editor-in-chief, Grant. Now she is trying to be normal at her senior prom, with a new boy and new interests, and isn’t looking back.

Grant was totally blindsided when Rose walked away from the Gazette. After all, they’d dedicated their lives to it for the past four years, had even planned on majoring in journalism together at Northwestern—which is why Grant is determined to entice Rose back. But whether it’s really to the paper or to him he’s not entirely sure.

When an alarm is set off at prom and the school goes on lockdown, Grant discovers that someone is loose in the building with a gun. But Rose, caught outside the gym, knows different. Will her instincts for a good story win out against her resolve to leave Grant and the paper behind?

Maggie Lehrman is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. She grew up outside Chicago and went on to get a degree in English at Harvard, where she once received a grant to purchase young adult books the library didn’t have. During her decade of working as an editor of books for children, she also earned an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Maggie is the author of the young adult novel The Cost of All Things. You can visit her online at