How Not To Write That Novel: Michael Cunningham with Billy Hough (WILLIAMSBURG)

Most book events entail a reading from an author's latest work, often a conversation with a moderator, and questions from the audience. This old formula is time tested, and a great way for authors to connect with their audience, many of whom are interested in the particulars of the writing process. But we thought we'd shake things up a bit.

Billy Hough, a downtown cabaret star (Scream Along with Billy), erstwhile film actor (RampartTime Out of Mind), and ex-punk rocker (the GarageDogs), is also the events coordinator for McNally Jackson. As a writer and performer himself, Billy realizes that most of the great lessons come not from successes, but from mistakes. With this in mind, Billy is launching a new series of interviews: "The How NOT To Summits" especially for the McNally Jackson Williamsburg location.

Interviewing some of the most brilliant and successful writers in every genre, the questions and conversation will tend toward common mistakes young writers makeā€”both in composition and in business. Expect some honest recounting of early disasters (amid successes) in these writer's lives and careers.

You can't actually get more successful or beloved than the Pulitzer-Prize winning author (The Hours) we've chosen to launch the series. Michael Cunningham is a world-wide bestseller, admired from all sides by critics and readers alike. His novels delve deeply into the human condition, exploring characters' sexuality, psychology and motivations on a level beyond the comprehension of most novels. A Home At The End Of The WorldSpecimen Days and The Snow Queen have the rare distinction of possessing both an avid cult of devotees, and a worldwide general readership. He is also the author of A Wild Swan, an acclaimed collection of "re-told fables and fairy tales," and Land's End, a tribute to and history of his second home of Provincetown. In addition to his work in television and film, he also teaches writing at Yale University.