Going Dutch: James Gregor and Grant Ginder (PRINCE STREET)

Twenty-something Richard is continuously striking-out in New York’s gay dating scene and perpetually exhausted by the looming threat of losing his academic funding if he can’t overcome his crippling writer’s block—he has plenty of sources of anxiety. Enter Anne: his brilliant but standoffish classmate who offers to “help” Richard write papers in exchange for his company. While still hazy and undefined, their transactional relationship gradually becomes more complex as Richard is startled by his blooming romantic interest in Anne. But when a casual dating app fling with hunky lawyer Blake turns serious, a competing romance ensues. Richard suddenly finds himself in the middle of a love triangle and on an existential collision course. What awaits him is a though-provoking exploration of intimacy in an age of digital romantic abundance.

James Gregor holds an MFA in Fiction from Columbia. He has been a writer in residence at the Villa Lena Foundation in Tuscany and a bookseller at Shakespeare and Company bookshop in Paris. James was born and grew up in Canada. Going Dutch is his first novel. 

Grant Ginder is the author of The People We Hate At The Weddingˆand Honestly, We Meant Well. He received his MFA from NYU, where he teaches writing. He lives in Brooklyn.

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ISBN: 9781982103194
Published: Simon & Schuster - August 20th, 2019