First Mondays: Your Neighbors are Writers! Emily Hashimoto, Shelley Marlow, Chavisa Woods, and Mariam Bazeed (WILLIAMSBURG)

One of the great advantages of living in New York City is that we can hear new ideas as they are being created, instead of having to wait years for those books to appear on bookstore shelves. First Mondays allows us to share accomplished writers' processes as they are happening and gives us an intimate insight into their new work in-progress, long before publication or performances. Join us every first Monday at McNally Jackson Williamsburg for a special opportunity to hear the future.

This month, three Brooklyn Writers at different stages of their careers come together to present new and unpublished work. Our readers will be Emily Hashimoto, Chavisa Woods, Shelley Marlow, and Mariam Bazeed.

Emily Hashimoto’s first novel will be published by The Feminist Press in October.

Shelley Marlow is author of Two Augusts In a Row In a Row, a novel, Publication Studio, Portland (2015), and the art editions, Troy (2017) and London (2018) and the work in progress, The Wind Blew Through Like a Chorus of Ghosts. 

Chavisa Woods MacDowell Fellow and Shirley Jackson award winning writer, the author of four books, including Things To Do When You're Goth in the Country and 100 Times (A Memoir of Sexism). 

Mariam Bazeed [M or They/Them], a performer, curator, cook, and alliteration-leaning writer of prose, poetry, Post-Its, and plays, is an Egyptian immigrant, drag-king aspirant, and rent-stabilized tenant living in Brooklyn.