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"I see how we are all the same, that none of us are white women or black men; rather, we’re a series of mouths, and that every mouth needs filling: with something wet or dry, like love, or unfamiliar and savory, like love."Als' first book since 1998 brings together 13 previously published pieces on the subject of "white girls": a category encompassing such diverse figures as Truman Capote and Louise Brooks, Malcolm X and Flannery O’Connor, Eminem and Michael Jackson. Driven, riveting essays whose concerns are breathtaking in range, White Girls is a legitimate contender for most necessary read of the year.  “Hilton Als’s White Girls...is a leap forward not merely for Als as a writer but for the peculiar American genre of culture-crit-as-autobiography. Its bravery lies in a set refusal to allow itself all sorts of illusions—about race, about sex, about American art—and the subtlety of its thinking is wedded maypole-fashion to a real confessional lyricism [...] Als taught me that I have a lot of white girl in me, too, and so does he. And so do you, is where it gets interesting. If you think that sounds like another blurb-job or post-postmodern twaddle, I defy you to read this book and come away with a mind unchanged.”—John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of PulpheadHilton Als has written for the New Yorker since 1989, where he became a staff writer in 1994. He also contributes to the New York Review of Books. Als is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship and the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. He lives in New York. White Girls is his second book.

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ISBN: 9781936365814
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Published: McSweeney's - November 12th, 2013