The Eligible Age is Kelsi Vanada’s translation of poet Berta García Faet’s La edad de merecer [La Bella Varsovia, 2015]. The poetry in this outstanding bilingual edition doesn’t shy from sentimentality and emotional charge. The poems employ formal and linguistic experimentation in the service of telling about the poet’s coming-of-age as woman and writer in a world where roles for both are already defined—the title itself is a feminist critique of the idea that for a woman to be of an age to marry means that she begins to deserve certain things. By blending vocabulary from multiple academic realms with more diaristic revelations about her own emotions and sexuality, via descriptions of her body’s changes through puberty and love letters to male and female lovers, García Faet affirms all language as the stuff of poetry. She refuses to obey conventions of syntax and punctuation, and invites readers into refreshingly candid statements like: “i’m ashamed to admit it, but you won’t find anyone in the world / who believes in love / with greater intensity greater faith greater fervor / than i.” The intimacy of Vanada’s and García Faet’s artistic collaboration, and the sharing of a voice that now speaks in two languages, breaths vitality into the life of this new work. Parallel Spanish and English text.

The Eligible Age is one of the most significant books of the last few years, and Berta García Faet has become the most representative voice of her generation.” –Unai Velasco, poet, critic, and chief editor of Ultramarinos (Barcelona)


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Berta García Faet (Valencia, Spain, 1988) is a poet and a researcher in Spanish and Latin American poetry. She has published Los salmos fosforitos (LBV, 2017) (Fluorescent Psalms), National Prize of Young Poetry “Miguel Hernández” 2018;  La edad de merecer (LBV, 2015) (The Eligible Agetranslated into English by Kelsi Vanada and published in USA by Song Bridge Press, 2018); and four other books, included in Corazón Tradicionalista: Poesía 2008-2011 (Traditionalist Heart: Poetry 2008-2011) (LBV, 2017). She lives in Providence, RI, where she is a PhD candidate at Brown University.

Kelsi Vanada has an MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa. Her translation of The Eligible Age by Berta García Faet [in Spanish, La edad de merecer] was published in 2018 by Song Bridge Press. Her poems and translations from Spanish and Swedish have appeared in various journals. She works as the Program Manager of The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA).

Berta García Faet (Valencia, España, 1988) es poeta e investigadora en literatura latinoamericana y española. Autora de los libros Los salmos fosforitos (La Bella Varsovia, 2017), Premio Nacional de Poesía Joven “Miguel Hernández” 2018; La edad de merecer (La Bella Varsovia, 2015), traducido al inglés, por Kelsi Vanada, con el título de The Eligible Age (Song Bridge Press, 2018); y otros cuatro poemarios, reunidos en Corazón tradicionalista: Poesía 2008-2011 (La Bella Varsovia, 2017). Vive en Providence, RI, donde es doctoranda en Brown University.

Kelsi Vanada tiene un Máster en poesía del Iowa Writers' Workshop, y un Máster en traducción literaria de la Universidad de Iowa. Su traducción al inglés del poemario La edad de merecer [en inglés, The Eligible Age], de Berta García Faet, fue publicado en 2018 por Song Bridge Press. Sus poemas y traducciones del español y del sueco han aparecido en diversas revistas. Trabaja como directora de la programación enThe American Literary Translators Association (ALTA).


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