Disaster Capitalism: Antony Loewenstein & Ben Norton - Live

Disaster has become big business. Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining. What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. “Chilling study, based on careful and courageous reporting, and illuminated with perceptive analysis, helps us understand all too well the saying that man is a wolf to man,” says Noam Chomsky. Antony Loewenstein is a Middle East-based, Australian independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian and blogger. He has written for the The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, New Statesman, and many other publications. He will be joined by Ben Norton, a journalist and writer whose work primarily focuses on U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East, and movements for economic and social justice. He has written for AlterNet, The Intercept, Salon.com, and other publications.


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Published: Verso - January 3rd, 2017