Dinner with Walter Kirn

Join us for the next in our series of readings over dinner at Calliope. Walter Kirn’s latest novel Blood Will Out is a wild, transfixing story of a man duped by a murderer masquerading as a sophisticated intellectual. It’s an In-Cold-Blood ride through the psyche of the Great American Con—a psyche not dissimilar, it turns out, from the narrator’s own. 5pm-7.30pm. Purchase the book for admission. Dinner charged separately. To buy a ticket, click here

Buy the Book: 
Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade By Walter Kirn Cover Image
ISBN: 9780871404510
Availability: This book is harder to get and may take several weeks if available. Please email info@mcnallyjackson.com with questions.
Published: Liveright - March 10th, 2014