Corey Ann Haydu & Melissa Walker


From the critically acclaimed author of RULES FOR STEALING STARS comes a second heart-tugging middle grade standalone about two best friends, Clover and Danny, and the magic of their connection when Danny suddenly falls ill.

Clover and Danny are the kind of best friends who make each other better: Clover makes lists, and Danny makes fun. Clover is good at science, and Danny is an artist. They’re so important to each other that Clover believes they’re symbiotic: her favorite science word that describes two beings who can’t function without the other.

But when Danny comes down with a mysterious illness, there’s no more balance in Clover’s world. Suddenly long days in the pool are replaced by long doctor’s visits, and no one-not even the doctors-can explain what’s making Danny so sick. So Clover decides to take matters into her own hands by turning to the scientific method.

Clover makes lists of Danny’s symptoms, his good days, his bad days, and his moods. As the evidence piles up, only one thing become clear: Danny is only better when Clover is around. When they’re separated, he’s in danger.

Clover knows that they need to find a cure-together. Will science be able to save Danny, or is this one time when hope and magic can overcome the unthinkable?

Corey Ann Haydu is the author of Rules for Stealing Stars and three acclaimed books for teens. She grew up in the Boston area, earned her MFA at the New School, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her dog Oscar. Find out more at


The Truth About Jellyfish meets The Kind of Friends We Used to Be in this sweet, honest middle grade debut.

If it were up to Mattie Markham there would be a law that said your family wasn’t allowed to move in the middle of the school year. After all, sixth grade is hard enough without wondering if you’ll be able to make new friends or worrying that the kids in Pennsylvania won’t like your North Carolina accent.

But, when Mattie meets her next-door neighbor and classmate she begins to think maybe she was silly to fear being the “new girl.” Agnes is like no one Mattie has ever met—she’s curious, hilarious, smart, and makes up the best games. If winter break is anything to go by, the rest of the school year should be a breeze.

Only it isn’t, because when vacation ends and school starts, Mattie realizes something: At school Agnes is known as the weird girl who no one likes. All Mattie wants is to fit in (okay, and maybe be a little popular too), but is that worth ending her friendship with Agnes?



Melissa Walker is the author of eight Young Adult novels, including the Violet on the Runway series and Small Town Sinners. In the non-fiction world, she is a magazine editor and writer and the co-founder of Melissa currently writes for, as well as many print publications, usually from the comfort of coffee shops in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. Find her on Twitter @melissacwalker or visit

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