Contemporary French Poetry in the U.S.: Translating, Publishing, Adapting

There have been strong transatlantic poetic ties between France and the United States since the 19th century. Dialogues continue through the translation, publication, and adaptation of contemporary French poetry in the U.S. Organized by Vincent Broqua (UPEC) and Emmanuel Ertel (NYU), evening's discussions highlight the current state of such crucial relations: French and American poets, translators, and publishers speak about the art of translating French and Francophone contemporary poetry, about the publishing houses circulating French poetry in the U.S., and about the importance of French poetry for contemporary American poetry. Anne Portugal and Pierre Alferi, two major French poets, will be present and will share their thoughts about translation. Readings will be given by Pierre Alferi, Anne Portugal, Charles Bernstein, Tracy Grinnell, Pierre Joris, and Cole Swensen. Sponsored by La Maison Française, by Le bureau du Livre of the French Embassy, and by the French department at NYU.