Clara Drummond presents Role Play, in conversation with Stephanie LaCava

May 29th

McNally Jackson Soho
134 Prince St.
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Role Play is a fresh satire narrated by a wealthy young woman in Rio on the verge of a class-consciousness awakening.

"Clara Drummond wastes no time dropping the reader into this addictive slideshow of decadence and sex. Role Play is gorgeously catty, short and anything-but-sweet." —Sloane Crosley, author of Grief Is For People

Vivian is a curator, not just at her gallery gig in Rio de Janeiro, but in every aspect of her life. Her apartment has designer armchairs. Her wallet is Comme des Garçons. Everything is selected and arranged, even her lovers and friends. In Vivian’s world, everything comes in excess, including her own caustic selfawareness. As she informs us, “I’m a misandrist and a misogynist,” but she is fond of gay men, “the one type of human you can properly get along with as equals.”

Role Play examines the superabundances of Brazilian elites— their art, ethics, and monied ambivalence in the face of social inequality, machismo, and violence. As sharp and sparkling as broken champagne flutes, Clara Drummond’s prose is seductively frank and unflinching in its depiction of wealth’s power to warp the self.

"A provocative and tightly wound novella about the way internalized capitalism slowly unravels one woman's sanity among the insanely rich of São Paulo. Too real to be satire, too funny to be realism, and mordant all the way through." —Catherine Lacey, author of Biography of X

“Clara Drummond flays open the shiny world from which her characters come, unafraid to expose the faulty optics and damaging compromises at its decadent core. I loved this book very much.” —Stephanie LaCava, author of I Fear My Pain Interests You

Clara Drummond is a Brazilian writer and journalist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire. Role Play is her third novel.




Stephanie LaCava is a writer based in New York City. Her work has appeared in Harper’s, Artforum, Texte zur Kunst, the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, Vogue, and Interview. She is the author of The Superrationals (2020), and I Fear My Pain Interests You (2022)





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