Cakeboy Magazine (WILLIAMSBURG)

Join Cakeboy Magazine for a reading inspired by the theme of their new issue, FINISH HIM. Mitchell Kuga, Max Steele and editor Sean Santiago will share stories inspired at turns by love, loss, and the end of men.

About the writers:

Sean Santiago is the founder and creative director of Cakeboy Magazine, a queer arts and culture platform. A former editor at Refinery29, Santiago's writing has appeared in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Esquire, Glamour, and Garage.

Mitchell Kuga is a Brooklyn-based culture writer from Honolulu, Hawaii. He has written for publications including Village Voice, Racked, them, and Hyperallergic. He is the editor of SALT, an independently-published zine about food culture.

Max Steele is a writer and performer. He wrote the blog Fag City and made the zines Scorcher and Door Girls for the last decade. He makes music and theater and is currently working on a small poetry collection.

Robyn Kanner is a writer and designer. She co-founded MyTransHealth, a site that helps trans people find culturally competent healthcare. She has written for The Cut, Bustle, and Mic. She spends too much time on Twitter.