In Blockchain: The Next Everything, acclaimed journalist Stephen P. Williams demystifies blockchain and its numerous radical applications as it takes the tech world by storm. Using plain English, clever stories and uncomplicated explanations, Williams entertains and educates the uninitiated techie, providing readers with a firm understanding of what blockchain is:

· An immutable online, digital ledger for keeping track of any kind of data.

· A software that exists as strings of code across multiple computers, phones, and other devices in a distributed manner that makes it both immutable and accessible to all its users.

· NOT Bitcoin. Both technologies are commonly associated with one another in the media because blockchain is the software that makes the cryptocurrency possible. However, blockchain also powers such things as Walmart's supply chain; voting platforms; refugee identification; organic food verification; and much, much more.

· The next everything. Blockchain will be as revolutionary for our society as the internet was, influencing all aspects of society from politics to business to consumer culture and philanthropy.

Blockchain will upend the need for central authorities like banks, Uber, Airbnb, and the government to conduct transactions, potentially giving people from all social strata the power to do business and make cross-continental purchases without a middleman. Blockchain: The Next Everything is an essential book for readers that are curious about the future of technology and its implications for a better world.

Stephen P. Williams is a journalist and author and coauthor of numerous works of nonfiction, including Blockchain: The Next Everything. He has written business and health columns for The New York Times and Newsweek and has contributed regularly to GQ, The Smithsonian, Martha Stewart Living, and other publications. He heads a sustainable fashion startup called Wm. Williams, which uses blockchain technology to manage distributed manufacturing. He lives in New York and has an MBA in Sustainability from Bard College and an MA in Communications from Stanford University.

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Published: Scribner - March 26th, 2019