Bitwise: David Auerbach with Marco Roth (WILLIAMSBURG)

As we engineer ever-more intricate algorithms to translate, portray, and mediate our experience and narrow the gap that divides us from the machine, we willingly rub out our nuances and our idiosyncrasies--precisely that which makes us human. Bitwise is David Auerbach's thoughtful ode to the computer codes and languages that captured his imagination as a child, and a reflection of how he's both experienced and written the algorithms that have come to taxonomize human speech, knowledge, and behavior, and compel us to do the same. With a philosopher's sense of inquiry and the particular sensibilities of the engineer, Auerbach recounts his childhood spent drawing ferns with the programming language Logo on the Apple IIe, his adventures in early text-based video games, his schooling as an engineer, and his contribution to instant messaging technology developed for Microsoft and then to software built to sift through Google's data stores.

David Auerbach is a writer and software engineer. He has previously worked for Google and Microsoft. He has contributed to Slate, The Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, n+1, Bookforum, Triple Canopy, The Quarterly Conversation, The White Review, The American Reader, the MIT Technology Review, and elsewhere.

Marco Roth is a co-founder and editor of n+1 magazine.

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Published: Pantheon - August 28th, 2018