THE AFTER PARTY: Jana Prikryl and Robyn Creswell

Join Jana Prikryl, senior editor at The New York Review of Books, for a reading from her debut collection of poetry, THE AFTER PARTY. Followed by a discussion with Robyn Cresswell, professor of Comparative Literature at Yale and poetry editor for The Paris Review. Jana Prikryl's poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The London Review of Books, The Paris Review, and The New York Review of Books.

About THE AFTER PARTY, John Ashbery writes “It’s unusual to come upon a body of work by a poet hitherto unknown to one and find it a complete, self-contained universe of its own, totally original and separate from current poetic modes. Jana Prikryl’s is such a case. I am reminded of Wallace Stevens’s title, “A Completely New Set of Objects,” except that her poetry doesn’t really include objects, but is more like a private biosphere subject to its own climate conditions and laws of growth. Her subject is life as it is currently being lived, and the landscapes it traverses. They are like the ones we all know, yet transformed as though by a dream. The After Party is a truly moving book.”