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Is there a way to fight back against 'incurable' disease? California thought so — and put its money where its mind was — three billion dollars' worth! And when that was gone, how about five and a half billion dollars more — to build and expand the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine?

For some, science excites; it is the great adventure, to challenge the impossible: like a real-life battle with a giant squid, or the proposed disassembly of the Eiffel Tower, or ejecting from a jet in the sky, from a height greater than Mount Everest.

For others, regenerative medicine is a mystery — could the urge to do murder have a genetic cause — which might be reduced?

And for everyone, there is the fight to protect our loved ones' lives— 133 million of us, suffering from chronic disease — from America alone, a colossal cost of 3 trillion dollars last year.

An epic battle, 'Science, Politics, Stem Cells and Genes: CALIFORNIA'S WAR ON CHRONIC DISEASE' takes the reader behind the scenes.

An award-winning teacher, Reed shares science in stories — including the systematic assault on Alzheimer's disease, cancer, autism, epilepsy, liver failure, schizophrenia, obesity, stroke, sickle cell, arthritis, blindness, paralysis, kidney failure, ALS, aging, and much, much more.

Readers can expect a greater understanding of the intricate adventure of stem cell research, as well as the political wrestling it took to make progress possible — that California's effort may benefit the world.

From early research to clinical trials, America should take pride in the accomplishments of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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  • The Golden State, and Stem Cell Possibilities
  • The Dream I Wish Had Not Come True
  • The Shot Policeman and the Walk-again Rat
  • The Importance of Pizza (Boxes)
  • Please Help Change the World!
  • 'But Where Do You Keep the Babies?'
  • Sued by an Embryo?
  • Where I Left My Heart
  • Muotri's Robot
  • The Loss of a Friend, and Two Shark Stories
  • Killer in My Classroom
  • Dr Larry vs Alzheimer's
  • Making a Hemo Substitute?
  • Tarzan and the Obesity Demon
  • Before the Lightning Strikes
  • The Man Who Fell from the Sky
  • Tunnels
  • Grampa and the Lion
  • Diagnosis and Decisions
  • The Possibility of Cure
  • Gloria's Last Request
  • The Pope and the Whale
  • The Passing of Gloria
  • The Half-Empty House
  • A Science Adventure
  • Down and Out?
  • Running in the Dark
  • R U Latin-X?
  • The Multiplicity Disease
  • Fighting Forward
  • Against the Plague
  • Of Tigers, Pain and Sickle Cell
  • How Many Chronic Diseases Do You Have?
  • A Legacy of Cure
  • A Teenage Gorilla — And the Citizen's Initiative?
  • Protect the Nerves!
  • Of Ninja Women Warriors, and The Fight Against Disease
  • Son of Bob Strikes Back
  • The Villain in Aging?
  • 133 Million Reasons for Cure — and One More
  • 'And Care for Him, Who Shall Have Born the Battle' ...
  • An Appreciation of Asian-American Scientists
  • Of Crocodiles, and The Cost of Losing
  • A Romance of Kidney Failure?
  • Champions All
  • Mud and Dust, Fire and Flood
  • Nearing the Top of the Mountain
  • Supply to the Eyes?
  • How Roman Gets Up in the Morning
  • A Scientist's Life for You?
  • But Can We Afford iIt?
  • Incurably III — for Just One Day?
  • The Second-Most Important Matter on the Ballot
  • Staying Out of Politics?
  • A Child's Life
  • Disassembling the Eiffel Tower?
  • Your California College — Was It Helped by CIRM?
  • What We Have Won
  • Unfinished Business
  • A Christmas Poem
  • Statement from Maria T Millan, President/CEO California Institute of Regenerative Medicine
  • An Interview with Bob Klein

Readership: Stem cell researchers; patient advocates, sickle-cell sufferers, students, science teachers, scientists in biomed field, parents of children with disabilities, young people wanting a career in biomed.

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ISBN-13: 9789811261435
Publisher: WSPC
Publication Date: February 13th, 2023