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Prostate cancer is the most frequent genitourinary malignancy that garners significant medical and media attention. Over the past decade significant new discoveries have been made that have enabled substantial improvements in screening, diagnosis and management of this disease. Importantly, there has been constant evolution of the best way to treat these patients.

This text will provide a single, comprehensive reference source that incorporates all the latest information regarding prostate cancer. It will serve as an easy reference source for researchers, clinicians, individuals in training, allied health professionals and medical students regarding prostate cancer by focusing on the controversial points of debate. New data regarding PSA screening, prostate cancer biomarkers, diagnostic evaluation techniques, surveillance protocols, and treatment interventions for localized and more advanced disease will be discussed. Gaps in current knowledge and areas for future research will be highlighted. Ongoing important clinical trials which could imminently yield significant new knowledge will be discussed.

Uniquely to all of the above will be the clinical scenario-based format of this text. For the practicing physician, the prostate cancer screening and treatment situations will hopefully become better understood. We will incorporate key educational concepts in the framework of patient situations with evidence-based discussions of screening, diagnosis, evaluation, and therapeutic management. To provide even more insight, we plan on a comment section from leaders in the field that will be more “opinion-based” allowing the reader to get access to experienced physicians’ thought processes and practice patterns.

All chapters will be authored by experts in their respective fields and incorporate original figures and illustrations to the extent possible. We anticipate that this book will quickly become the ready reference source for professionals and students in various fields with an interest in the management of a complex and multifaceted disease such as prostate cancer. The book will be comprehensive and encompass the entire the spectrum of prostate cancer. The information will be presented in a succinct and easily understandable manner so as to appeal to both scientists and clinicians.

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ISBN-13: 9783319786469
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: May 10th, 2018