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Having conquered all the major institutions of our culture, the left is closing in on its final frontier—your children. In this new book, Liz Wheeler exposes where the forces of wokeness are at work and explains how parents can fight back for a change. Everythingis on the line.

Despite the occasional victory, conservatives are on the defensive on every front of the culture wars, especially America’s schools. Planned Parenthood is funding gender theory indoctrination, groomer teachers are introducing youngsters to pornography, Disney executives are bragging about their “queerness agenda,” and teacher’s unions are poisoning young minds with racism. If someone doesn’t stand up and fight, these ideas will be the norm for a new generation.

A distressing number of parents refuse to see how depraved our schools have become. The next generation will determine the fate of the American experiment in ordered liberty. Will they pass it on to their children, or will we lose our nation forever?

Parents and their allies must go on the offensive in this existential fight. Fortunately, they have the truth on their side. It is not too late.

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ISBN-13: 9781684514786
Publisher: Regnery
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023