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BLOOD ON THE BLUEGRASS is a novel featuring a Vietnam veteran named Cody Breathett, whose savage killing techniques in battle had earned him the nickname, Bloody BReathett. In Vietnam, he had teamed up with Jack Hollister, a fellow Kentucky native. Together they terrorized and killed countless Vietcong, cutting off the ears of their victims and wore them as ornaments around their necks. Convinces they were psychotic killers, the army gave them medals and sent them home as war heroes. Breathett returned to tobacco farmng and Hillister joined the Kentucky State Police. While working under cover on a drug case, Hollister discovered a three million dollar drug deal that was about to go down. He convinced Breathett to help him rob the drug dealers, and they became instant millionaires. BReathett buys farms and Hollister invests in the stock market. Breathett meets Lisa Wayne, a pretty young Thoroughbred jockey. He pursues and marries her. On the day she plans to tell him she is pregnant, the Hill Hawk motorcycle gang kidnaps her. She is brutally ravished and maimed before they kill her. Bloody Breathett began a self-imposed basic training. When fully prepared, he begins to methodically take his revenge. One by one, in incredibly horrendous fashion he hunts tortures, and kills the gang members. The Briar mode of vengeance dominates this story, softened only by the women that come to love Bloddy Breathett.

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ISBN-13: 9781468523263
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication Date: January 20th, 2012