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First published in 1925, “The Secret of Chimneys” is the adventurous tale of murder, political intrigue, and a stolen diamond by the incomparable British mystery writer Agatha Christie. The novel begins with Anthony Cade agreeing to perform the rather ordinary errand of delivering a manuscript and several letters for his friend James McGrath. Meanwhile, in London, Lord Caterham has agreed to host a house party at his grand ancestral estate, Chimneys. Soon the letters entrusted to Cade are stolen and their disappearance is connected to the murder of the long-lost heir to the throne of Herzoslovokia at the Chimneys’ gathering. Readers are introduced to one of Christie’s favorite characters, the clever detective Superintendent Battle, who is soon at the scene of the crime to try to solve the murder. Battle is also involved in a related investigation into the missing Koh-i-Noor diamond, stolen from the Tower of London and possibly hidden at Chimneys. The characters are caught up in a dangerous international conspiracy over the rightful heir of a far away kingdom and the complicated plots of a famed jewel thief in this fast-paced mystery that will thrill all fans of classic suspense and adventure. This edition includes a biographical afterword.