Broken Dishes Book Club with Swati

June 19th
McNally Jackson Downtown Brooklyn
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Have you ever watched a woman blow up her life, and thought, good for her? This is a book club for those who seek to disrupt notions of domestic bliss - we want batshit plots, women who don't settle, and eleventh hour plot twists. We want all this packaged into a very literary 300 pages or less. This book club will explore should-be and to-be classics by literary hotties of centuries past. Leave the dirty dishes at home and come indulge with us.

This month we'll discuss Scholastique Mukasonga's moving, unforgettable tribute to a Tutsi woman who did everything to protect her children from the Rwandan genocide, by the daughter who refuses to let her family's story be forgotten, The Barefoot Woman.

"The Barefoot Woman is simultaneously a powerful work of witness and memorial, a loving act of reconstruction, and an unflinching reckoning with the Rwandan Civil War. In sentences of great beauty and restraint, Mukasonga rescues a million souls from the collective noun 'genocide', returning them to us as individual human beings, who lived, laughed, meddled in each other's affairs, worked, decorated their houses, raised children, told stories. An essential and powerful read."
--Zadie Smith

"The Barefoot Woman is lyrical but also informative and ethnographic, as much a memoir of a mother as it is of her way of life. ... Mukasonga has done far more than remembering and recognizing the human beings she grew up with; she has immortalized them."
--Helen Epstein, The Arts Fuse

The story of the author's mother, a fierce, loving woman who for years protected her family from the violence encroaching upon them in pre-genocide Rwanda. Recording her memories of their life together in spare, wrenching prose, Mukasonga preserves her mother's voice in a haunting work of art.

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Price: $5.00