Veiled Shadows: Kerrigan's Redemption (Hardcover)

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By Sackett
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Veiled Shadows: Kerrigan's Redemption - Dark Skies: A Kerrigan Survival Saga (Book 3)

A Riveting Tale of Survival and Bravery

In Veiled Shadows: Kerrigan's Redemption, the third electrifying installment of the 'Dark Skies: A Kerrigan Survival Saga', readers are plunged back into a treacherous post-apocalyptic world, where humanity's remnants cling to survival under the shadow of a catastrophic EMP attack.

Join John Kerrigan, a man who has endured the unimaginable in a landscape stripped of its civility. From battling cannibals in the desolate woods of Pennsylvania to the harrowing rescue of young Tam, John's journey has been nothing short of heroic. But his greatest challenge looms ahead: the rescue of his daughter, Emily, from the clutches of Hell's Enforcers, a ruthless gang terrorizing the shattered state.

The saga intensifies as John has to confront Vorn, the sadistic leader of the Enforcers, whose merciless grip on Emily symbolizes the darkness that has fallen over the land. Amidst this chaos, a new threat emerges - the mysterious group behind the EMP attack. Revealing themselves from the depths of the shadows, they begin a sinister campaign to reclaim order, town by town, in a world that has lost its balance.

Veiled Shadows is not just a story of survival; it is a testament to the indomitable human spirit facing overwhelming odds. It's a narrative that weaves together the themes of family, resilience, and the enduring quest for redemption in a world turned upside down.

Embark on this gripping journey with John Kerrigan, as he battles not just for his daughter's life, but for the future of humanity itself. Will he emerge triumphant, or will the veiled shadows of a broken world claim his last vestiges of hope?

Dive into Veiled Shadows: Kerrigan's Redemption - where every page turn is a fight for survival, and every chapter brings you closer to the heart of a post-apocalyptic odyssey.

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ISBN: 9798989289158
Publisher: Ravaged Realms
Publication Date: November 12th, 2023
Pages: 268
Language: English