Decaying Souls and Mind-Songs (Paperback)

Decaying Souls and Mind-Songs By Sage Marrow Cover Image
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The reader favorite cast of characters return in the third book of the Calladon Chronicles. Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled, to laugh out loud, and to face your worst nightmares.

Nate was always more reckless than his sister, so it's surprising to him that she is called away on an adventure while he gets to do nothing but wait for her return. That is, until events outside of his control threaten to separate the two of them forever. Nate takes fate into his own hands and finds himself entering a world he is not prepared to protect himself from.

With the mysteries of her past on the verge of unraveling, Kal must stop a war that has been brewing for centuries. But how do you do so when the very people you're trying to save don't want to be rescued? She may be getting a handle on using the key to Veils and weaving her Seership from the Emotions of the world, but she's still human at the end of the day. She has her limits.

What's worse, Jan is missing, believed to be dead. Without him, she must face the threatening Dark on her own. Time is running out for all Calladon as Coerce unleashes her worst, causing devastation to the minds and souls of the Nalii.

With everything in peril, what wins the battle-human limitations or human perseverance?
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ISBN: 9798985588972
Publisher: Bowker Identifier Services
Publication Date: February 6th, 2022
Pages: 266
Language: English