A Nation Seduced - Second Edition (Paperback)

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Seduction is the silent, subtle force that lures the unwise into the quick sand of their own despair. What or who seduces you? Are you bold enough to confront these demons of destruction? All too often, our internal compasses are leading us in the opposite direction of our dreams. We simply need to STOP what we're doing and behave differently.

A Nation Seduced - Second Edition can help you confront deceit in the world and assess the state of your soul, your behavior, and the human condition. America is changing rapidly, and our forefathers' legacy of a nation under God is in danger. History has proven we are lost without God.

This is YOUR wake-up call

Author Deidre Joy shows how history will keep repeating itself if we remain oblivious to the silent forces that entangle us in a web of conflict within ourselves and with each other. We are living life at the speed of self-destruction, and only thoughtful self-examination can show us how to clean up the mess we've created. It's time to bring an end to denial and finger pointing by awakening the truth inside us. It's about change for ourselves, our nation, and the next generation.

Stop doing the things that don't work to produce peace, joy, harmony, love, good health, and prosperity in your life and in the world you touch.

To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace. - Luke 1:79 (KJV)

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ISBN: 9798890418081
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 138
Language: English