The Silver City: A Hallow Girl's Book: Nymeeria (Paperback)

The Silver City: A Hallow Girl's Book: Nymeeria By C. N. McDonald Cover Image
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Nymeeria Bludmane is is the only living daughter of General Ambriel, and current co-leader to the largest rebel faction in Meavan Her whole life has been to take care of the people her mother fought so furiously to protect, and save. Now it is up to her and a handful of friends to do what so many others couldn't, end the demonic threat to Erabores. The demon king is fighting to succeed in his endeavors, but he will find it won't be so easy to take over the city she loves. With a few good friends, and some self-realizations, Nymeeria will be the hero her kingdom, Erabores, and the gods will need.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798869166371
Publisher: C.N. McDonald Books
Publication Date: February 14th, 2024
Pages: 760
Language: English