The Road Home -- A Story of Survival (Paperback)

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By Beck
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Aurora is one of six graduate students at Tacoma University when, upon receiving a phone call from a friend they are forced to leave for a life of isolation. But death is never far behind and the group finds themselves running from something that only appears under a microscope. As the decomposing dead lie in abundance, each member of the group fall victim to the circumstances that brought an abrupt end to the world. But somewhere along their journey Aurora, still unsure of who she is, becomes drawn into a passionate relationship with Maya - a now former law student.

With the world having crumbled around them, it is in an isolated town somewhere in the northwest that the two have decided to make their home. Having everything they need for what has become their life, Aurora and Maya have managed to cope with the outdoor morgue the world has become. But as their relationship blossoms beyond the simplicity of romantic affection, life again acting without mercy, exercises one final act of cruelty. This is the story of a world in its death throes, contaminated by an act of war that rapidly brought humankind to the edge of extinction - a story of passion at its zenith cut down by unforeseen circumstances.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798868926792
Publisher: Clifford Beck
Publication Date: October 21st, 2023
Pages: 394
Language: English